Summer Freebies for Babies, Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Kids in Katy

We’re knocking on the door of summer, y’all! While I’m sad for the school year to be over, we’re looking forward to lots of summer fun. In our house, that means tons of free movies, bowling, and other fun activities!

free summer activities katy tx (photo by https://www.flickr.com/photos/mythoto/)

Free Summer Movies in Katy

Last summer, we saw at least one free movie almost every single week! What a treat. My four year old was always so excited to enjoy popcorn and a fun kids’ movie and we will do it again this summer, as Alamo Drafthouse, Cinemark, and Santikos Palladium have all released their schedules! Tickets are low cost (about $1 each) at Alamo and Cinemark, and free at Santikos. They usually offer concessions specials as well!

Free Bowling at Times Square Entertainment Katy

Have you heard of KidsBowlFree.com? This program offers two free games of bowling to children ages 15 and under every single weekday! The program has already started, so if you sign up today, you can go immediately, and it lasts until October 1st! Last summer, we went almost once a week, sometimes more, and we plan to bowl regularly again this summer.

You’ll need to pay for bowling shoes, but it’s just a small fee. You can also sign up for a family pass for $25. We did! It’s a great deal if you’re planning to go at least a few times this summer.

Times Square is great about putting up bumpers, separating smaller bowling balls for the little kids, and providing ramps for kids to push the balls down if they need them (my son calls them “roller coasters!”) They also have food options, an arcade, and more.

Don’t wait to sign up, as they only release a limited number of passes each summer. Enter the code iPhone10 to get 10% off the family pass if you want to purchase one. When asked for a referral, you can enter jessica@katybabies.com.

Sign up here: Kids Bowl Free at Times Square Entertainment

SeaWorld San Antonio

This summer, preschoolers get in to San Antonio’s SeaWorld park for free! This includes admission to the park as well as the water park, Aquatica. Of course, you’ll still need to buy tickets or passes for adults and older children, but it’s a $92 value.

DO NOT WAIT! Registration ends on May 31st. That’s just a few days away! You’ll need to visit the park by July 15th to activate the pass. After that, it’s good through September 7th!

Sign up here: SeaWorld San Antonio Preschool Pass

Have you heard of any more great freebies for kids in Katy? Drop me a line at jessica@katybabies.com to let me know!