How Do Parents Divide Household Chores?

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Mom’s Time vs Dad’s Time: How Parents Divide Household Chores

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Jessica, mom of one in Katy, Texas says, “My husband and I both work at home, [so] we 
share most household duties evenly, including child care. I cook, while he 
does the dishes.” That said, Jessica’s husband takes care of most things that are “too 
gross, complicated or difficult for me to do” such as pool chemicals and cleaning up after the pets. She adds, “We both straighten up toys and other 
odds and ends, but I do most of it. He has a common husband condition that 
I call ‘clutter blindness.’ I
 scoop the litter — but I wish he’d take that one! I know he’d like me to 
help out more with the dishes.” Instead of doing chores, Jessica wishes she could spend more time 
playing with her son, building her business or reading a book!

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How do you divide up the chores in your household?