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Posted in on 5-27-15

udderly amazing goodies lactation cookies in katy tx

About Udderly Amazing Goodies:

Breastfeeding is natural, but a great supply of milk doesn’t always come naturally. If you need a little help, consider trying out some of the products from Udderly Amazing Goodies. This business sells lactation cookies, cookie dough, oatmeal cream pies and fudge. They use the best ingredients with the most potency to ensure significant increases in milk production.

Good to Know:

      • Moms have been able to see 3-4 oz increases in their breast milk supply with the goodies.
      • Products are made locally in Kingwood with pickup available in Katy. Shipping will be offered soon as well.
      • Visit Udderly Amazing Goodies’ Facebook page to see reviews from customers and updates on available products.

Insider Tips:

      • Moms see the biggest boost in their milk supply from eating Udderly Amazing Goodies’ signature cookie dough.  The dough is safe to eat as is because it is made without eggs.  Brewer’s yeast is one of the ingredients that helps to increase breast milk supply and it loses some of its potency through the baking process.  This is why you see greater results with the cookie dough.

Buying from Udderly Amazing Goodies:

Website: Udderly Amazing Goodies

Facebook: Udderly Amazing Goodies

Email: sales@udderlyamazinggoodies.com

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