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Baby Classes in Katy

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Teach baby to play and learn with classes for babies in Katy. Find activity classes, infant swim classes, and baby gym classes.

Baby Fitness Classes in Katy

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Bounce back after delivery with these baby fitness classes in Katy, TX. They're designed with new moms in mind and allow you to work out with your baby.

Baby Swim Classes in Katy

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Teach your baby water safety and swim skills in one of Katy's baby swim classes. Infant swim classes start as young as four months.

Baby Parks in Katy

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Explore the great outdoors with your baby at Katy's best baby parks. Find infant friendly playgrounds, walking trails, and fun outdoor experiences for babies.

Family Fitness Centers in Katy

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Get fit as a family with these fitness centers designed for families. They offer child care, kids' classes, and other family friendly amenities.

Family Movies in Katy

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Enjoy a fun family outing with these baby friendly movie activities in Katy.

Free Baby Activities in Katy

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Find fun, free things to do with babies in Katy, TX. Parks, story times, and special events are great for learning with your baby and meeting new families.

Free Family Movies in Katy

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Make movies a family affair with free family movies in Katy, TX. Babies are welcome for these movie showtimes!

Seasonal Baby Activities in Katy

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Hay rides, strawberry picking, and Christmas tree farms are all great fun for babies. Find out about seasonal baby activities in the Katy area.

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Giggles and Fun | Activities for Katy Babies

Posted in on 2-15-17

Giggles and Fun | Activities for Katy Babies

Giggles and Fun is an indoor play area for kids six years of age and younger. They have several play stations that encourage imaginative, active play. Children can play dress up, slide, pedal cars, ride a horse, even go to outer space! All ages can play together, but there is a special zone for children under two with padding and toys designed for their interest.

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