It’s Free Summer Movie Season in Katy! | Free Activities for Katy Babies

santikos free summer movies in katy 2016

Hooray! It’s time for free summer movies again! Free movies are one of my family’s favorite things to do in Katy over the summer. We usually make at least one showing a week! Free summer movies are great because you can entertain kiddos for a couple of hours, get out of the heat, and enjoy a great movie (that’s usually only a year or two old or less) for free or extremely cheap.

Affordable family entertainment doesn’t get much better than this! Over the years, we’ve found that a free summer movie or two combined with free bowling plus trips to the neighborhood pool or splash pad and playground with friends can practically fill an entire summer week for next to nothing! Plus, it’s a great way to spend your summer doing fun things with your kids in between camps and other activities.

If you have little ones, don’t be intimidated: LOTS of families bring small children to free summer movie showings. This is a family friendly environment and a great opportunity to introduce young children to the movie theater. If you have to walk out of the movie with a baby who just won’t calm down, no big deal. It was free to get in!

This year, Cinemark, Santikos, and Alamo Drafthouse all have summer movie programs. They’re showing great movies including The Peanuts Movie, Max (I’ll be wearing waterproof mascara), Back to the Future, and Minions!

Free Summer Movie Details

Santikos Summer Movies

Dates and Hours: Every Tuesday and Wednesday from June 7th through August 3rd, showings at 10 a.m.

Free! Concessions available.
Alamo Kids Camp

Dates and Hours: Every day from June 3rd to August 1st. Showtimes vary, but usually start between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m.

Admission is choose your own price at $1, $2, or $3. 100 percent of ticket sales are donated to local nonprofits and schools.
Cinemark Summer Movie Clubhouse

Dates and Hours: Every Tuesday,Wednesday, and Thursday at 9 a.m. from June 7th through August 11th.

.50 to $1 per movie, plus concessions if desired (coupon available).