An Afternoon in Katy: Mary Jo Peckham Park | Activities for Katy Babies

Welcome to our new series, An Afternoon in Katy. There’s so much happening for babies and preschoolers in Katy most mornings, from story times to public events and baby gym classes. Even play dates are usually in the mornings! But what happens when you’ve headed home, naptime is over, and dinner is still hours away? You could plan a fun adventure for you and your baby! In this series, we’ll explore some of the most fun, engaging, and easy ways to get out and enjoy Katy with your little ones — and still make it home in plenty of time for dinner.

First up is a favorite of many Katy families: Mary Jo Peckham Park.


mary jo peckham park katy tx afternoon activities for katy babies

We love this park because there’s just so much to do. Take a stroll around the pond while you feed the ducks and then follow it up with swings and play time on the playground. For preschoolers, see if they’d like to play putt putt! It’s free for Harris County residents and it is so exciting to see how hard they concentrate and try to land their ball in the hole.

At the park you can:

  • Walk around the big pond with a carrier or stroller
  • Play putt putt (preschoolers can handle it!)
  • Feed the ducks
  • Play on the playground, including a structure for little ones (no cliffs to fall off of, just fun!)
  • Head down the street to the Katy train park for even more fun!

Find out more about Mary Jo Peckham Park for All Children.